Before I begin

Hi guys... So this marks my second post on Shareattic.blogspot to be lost amidst the millions of posts thrown into google every day. I won't be discussing any explicit topic within this post for there is still so much for me to figure out.
I will, however, begin to explain a little about me, which will probably be of no use in later years. But I hope, someday it may be of someone's interest out there, because who never knows? The world is full of mysteries, that I'm sure one man cannot solve on his own. Anyways, it's not quite important now.

I go by my name Nabil Ghazy Hamdun, which basically meant a smart, noble leader in Arabic... I have spent many of my spare time wondering if I'm actually supposed to carry those traits, and how I can become the title that I've carried so far. Not trying to boast, but I'm indeed proud of my name. I was bestowed that name the moment I was born, which was on the 5th of October in Malaysia, 2003.
And though I have visited many places and experienced many things, I'm an Indonesian boy through and through.
So no more than a few months later my dad, mum and me, in the form of a small baby, moved to beautiful Indonesia.

A few years after the birth of my brother, my mum took her PhD in Accounting in England. And that was how I've received my knowledge in English. We spent a good 4 years there. Four years can feel so quick yet so long. But what was most important is that we were happy. We finally returned to Indonesia.
I've lived happily ever after until now, on my ninth year of school. In Indonesia.

So, that's a quick preview of my life so far... Maybe, not the least important, but nonetheless I still feel that it is necessary in order to truly express my feelings. Whatever your background, whoever you are. We all have the same purpose. Whether you are a talented tramp or a super-rich celebrity. We are all the same. We are all human beings.
That's what I want to share to all of us in this blog. And just a word of clearance, my blog won't be full of just writing, poetic puns and my attempt at being inspirational. That would be plain boring. Both for the writer and the reader. All in all, I just hope that the words I post on this blog will be of help to anyone. Just have fun. And I guess that's all that my brain can squeeze out. So that'll be it for now. Thank you...

~ Until next time ~


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