Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz

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The Alex Rider series is one of the many collections of books that I’ve collected through the ages and is by far one of my favorites. This book is one of Anthony Horowitz most famous creations. The enthralling scenes along with the tense plots within this series really do give an unforgettable experience. I swear, with the Alex Rider series, once read you would never want to put it down.

The series take the view of a young reluctant 14 yo boy by the name Alex Rider. Alex Rider has had a dark past behind him. Alex’s parents had died since he was small. All he knew then was that his parents had died in a plane crash. But as time had gone by it was inevitable for the true facts to surface.

It began with the death of his uncle, whom became his guardian after the death of his parents. As far as Alex knew his uncle had worked in a common bank. In attending his uncle’s funeral, Alex became ever so intrigued in his uncles friends who he met there. It was the beginning of a dangerous, horrible adventure for Alex, that he was going to regret knowing.

In the end he found out that his family had been in the family business for ages. A dark secret that has been kept from him.

Overall, this series is a great choice for action lovers and tense dramas. A true 5 star in my opinion.       


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